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By: Yuko Imanishi +


  • White, grey, and tan leather sandal with low wedge heel
  •  US   Europe
  •    6  =  36
  • 6.5  =  36.5
  •    7  =  37
  • 7.5  =  37.5
  •    8  =  38
  • 8.5  =  38.5
  •  US   Europe
  •    9  =  39
  • 9.5  =  39.5
  •   10  =  40
  • 10.5 =  40.5
  •   11  =  41

Product Description

Spring is right around the corner and this sandal from Yuko Imanishi + will walk you straight through to fall. The soft, luxurious leather wraps around the foot elegantly and the wedge heel slopes with just enough height. White leather sits flat across the front, leaving an open toe while a distressed grey band twists over the top of the foot as a subtle detail. Strap in comfortably with a contrasting tan adjustable ankle strap. The 1” wooden wedge heel adds beautiful detailing and finishes with a rubber sole. This is the perfect every day sandal, able to be dressed up or down with a flowy dress or casual denim shorts and a tee shirt.

Yuko Imanishi completed her degree in shoe concept and design from one of Japan's leading design schools. Her fashion intelligent eye for detail and technical understanding of fitting characteristics can be seen in every style she produces.
The complexities of her constructions are made to seem simple and pure, yet those who wear them can feel the contoured fitting of her shoes and boots.
A rich depth of color can be seen in the high quality hand finished leathers.
Yuko has honed her skill and understanding of shoe design with some of the best Italian shoe designers. She has been able to compliment the understated Japanese design with Italian flare.