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By: John Fluevog


Regular Price: $299.00
  • Black and Ivory leather high heel shoe
  •  US   Europe
  •    6  =  36
  • 6.5  =  36.5
  •    7  =  37
  • 7.5  =  37.5
  •    8  =  38
  • 8.5  =  38.5
  •  US   Europe
  •    9  =  39
  • 9.5  =  39.5
  •   10  =  40
  • 10.5 =  40.5
  •   11  =  41

Product Description

Sexy sculptural black and ivory two-tone leather high-heeled pump by John Fluevog featuring two-tone matte black leather and soft ivory leather contrast that mimics an oxford construction, but with clean minimalistic lines and dramatic curved heel. The toe box is slightly tapered, elongating your lovely legs! Leather lined. An unusual and comfortable staple for your shoe collection. Looks gorgeous with a bare leg or fun tights.

Our customers have been asking us to carry Fluevogs, well now we do! We love this quirky, funky shoe line for chicks & blokes from John Fluevog in Vancouver.

And, did you know that we are carrying this line exclusively not only in Philly but in the whole of Pennsylvania!

Here’s what we know about John Fluevog…John and his longtime friend and ex – partner, Peter Fox, go back to biblical times. In those days, such scriptural characters as Methuselah lived to be, quite literally, thousands of years old. John, himself, is thousands of years old and Peter Fox is, in fact, Methuselah. Before they founded Fox & Fluevog, in the ancient biblical age of 1970, they were shepherds. Actually, they worked at Sheppard’s, a venerable Vancouver shoe emporium, albeit a tad on the conventional side. As you can imagine, John and Peter felt a wee bit constrained, selling brogues all day to businessmen in suits and servicing only the occasional hipster. When, one day, the miraculous happened, it was followed by the inevitable: an old warehouse full of turn – of – the – century footwear (men’s & women’s, in mint condition, no less) became available to buy at one ridiculously low price. In a nanosecond, John and Peter were out the door and into their own store, fully stocked with brand new fifty year old shoes that, in 1969, were right in style. Fox & Fluevog immediately became the very coolest place to treat the feet and has remained so ever since. Around 1980, Peter heard the siren song of New York City and moved there to open his own store, specializing in design of Ladies’ (particularly wedding) shoes. John took over the business and built it into the multinational mega corporation it is today, along the way forging his undaunted reputation for the world’s most distinctive shoes.