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No. 0019 2015

No. 0019 2015

By: pskaufman…

No. 0019 2015

  • Black leather mid heel oxford
  •  US   Europe
  •    6  =  36
  • 6.5  =  36.5
  •    7  =  37
  • 7.5  =  37.5
  •    8  =  38
  • 8.5  =  38.5
  •  US   Europe
  •    9  =  39
  • 9.5  =  39.5
  •   10  =  40
  • 10.5 =  40.5
  •   11  =  41

Product Description

Black leather mid heel lace up oxford features incredibly soft leather uppers and signature turquoise leather lining, hand-lasted and sewn with a leather welt and leather midsole by genuine goodyear-welt construction, then nailed in the shank area for iron-like strength. recycled tires using the LightTread (TM) process add lightweight flexibility, comfort and durability! the entire shoe is then hand-finished to ensure each shoe has it's own unique character.

Launched in Fall 2010, pskaufman... is the first eponymous shoe brand from paul kaufman. Long known for his design work with numerous brands, paul decided it was time to put his name to a brand that would completely reflect his passion for shoemaking and his values. Throughout a long career designing shoes, paul has always sought to create authentic products, expressing the heritage of shoemaking and a genuine appreciation of the artisans who make the shoes. Finding strength in industrial-inspired classics, pskaufman... reflects this inspiration, with a well-considered collection of shoes and accessories full of unique details and industrial functionality, but also modern twists reflecting the collaboration between designer and artisan.

With a firm belief in the value of making footwear that can be worn for decades, rather than months, pskaufman... features Goodyear-welted shoes and boots, made as they have been for over 100 years. Constructed by hand, as well as on ancient machinery, pskaufman... footwear has traveled back in time to help the wearer walk stylishly into the future. Modern comfort features, high quality, full-grain leather uppers and full-grain stretch leather linings form shoes built to last and last comfortably!

LIGHTTREADTM re-purposed tire outsoles, diverted from landfills and incinerators, are added to pskaufman... shoes and accessories, creating unique, lightweight, flexible and durable products, which helps the environment, while maintaining an equally important Exceptional Style Quotient (esq).

In a time when fashion seems to devolve ever more quickly into spirals of meaningless consumption, pskaufman... humbly strives to offer long-term alternatives to built-in obsolescence by offering Quality products, the greenest option when it comes to footwear and accessories. Which is better for the environment, having to replace inferior products once a year (or more), or having products that last for decades? In a word, they’re cool, but classic enough and tough enough to wear for the next twenty years.