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By: BusStopX


  • Bus Stop X Forge + Finish Tek Ring
  •  US   Europe
  •    6  =  36
  • 6.5  =  36.5
  •    7  =  37
  • 7.5  =  37.5
  •    8  =  38
  • 8.5  =  38.5
  •  US   Europe
  •    9  =  39
  • 9.5  =  39.5
  •   10  =  40
  • 10.5 =  40.5
  •   11  =  41

Product Description

BUS STOP is so happy to collaborate with one of our favourite all-female collective of jewelry artisans, Forge + Finish, to create our first-ever collection of sterling silver unisex jewelry inspired by the Elements. We designed bold and brazen handmade rings! An array of tantalizing single, two-finger, & three-finger adornments, just for you. Each piece can be worn as a signature staple on its own or in luscious layers of silver for the boldest statement yet. Expect the unexpected with interchangeable elements, and an artful mix of brilliant, textured, & oxidized silver. Exclusive to BUS STOP. Made here by hand in Philadelphia. Limited edition & exclusively sold in the boutique and online. Shop all eight styles — Chaos, Enoki, Electra, Fragment, Slate, Tek, Disruption, & Aura/Magma. They are ready for you to wear & stop traffic in.

Forge & Finish represents a union formed by three jewelry designers kindled by the promise of producing handcrafted, built-to-last pieces for people who revel in the culture of collecting beautiful adornments. Marrying traditional and experimental metalsmithing techniques with mold-making and slab-forming is the core of the Forge & Finish work space. Often their jewelry reflects inspiration from modern aesthetics, yet embodies a foundation anchored by recapturing or reinterpreting a fondness from the past. The constant balancing throughout the creative process lends to some designs aligning with current trends, while others carry a timeless essence. The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based studio is home to Desiree Casimiro, Emily Kane, and Carly Mayer.